Medical mission trip for nurses


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Mission to South Africa

What makes us special? We are the 1st organization to take claim on being nurse centered

Nurse Focused.

Nurse Driven.

Nurse Created. 

A nursing enrichment program for global healthcare awareness. 

Join Nurses with Purpose on a rewarding medical mission trip to South Africa. We have partnered with South African leaders in healthcare and serve in rural and city limits. This nursing enrichment program allows nurses to have meaningful experiences through volunteering in local clinics, on site locations with mobile medical units and child protective services.  Our program enlightens, encourages and promotes humanitarian services for the working class nurse.  

Our teams gains invaluable lessons through patient interaction, staff engagement, and exposure to new healthcare systems.  We strive to give the nurse an ultimate experience that will encourage them to make humanitarian work part of their careers.

"Mission trips really expose you to different ways, different processes of doing things, different want to bring that back home to the US and implement those strategies"  Jalissa G., RN North Carolina  

With opportunities four times a year;  pick a time, apply, invite others and GO! 

Directors govern each mission trip along with team leaders.  With each project we create effectiveness with no wasted downtime.

"I was really impressed on how organized everything was.  No wasted time," Stanley C., RN Florida

We take the claim of Mission Trips at its finest !  We provide well balanced experiences, where one gives back followed by rest and rejuvenation. 


How we stand out



All volunteers are licensed nurses (RN and LPN) in good standing with The State Board of Nursing. We encourage nursing students to apply during our annual sponsorship opportunities.  

  • Mission Teams consist of 8-12 nurses. Each team has a NWP Team Leader.  This allows for safety and proper execution of our mission. 
  • There is a selection process for each  trip. 
  • Annual Sponsorship for a deserving nursing student. See our Foundation Program for more info. 

Travel Consultant


A travel consultant will be assigned to you. We travel and move together as a unit. We will be greeted VIP style at the O.R. International Airport.  Assistance & guidance through the process below: 

  • Proper travel documentation
  • Vaccinations required for the geographical area
  • Time Frames and deadlines 
  • Pre-Departure Meetings 
  • What to pack
  • Airline Flight Itinerary
  • Payment Options
  • Fundraising Guidance

Service Time


Our partners are the foundation of our cause.  With continual services to the same establishments each year, we are able to watch our program flourish. We practice in various settings, offering nurses a vast clinical shadow experience including service in child protective care. We are able to gain new insights and knowledge of challenges that comprehensive healthcare centers face. 

  • Clinic (various units) 
  • Mobile Units 
  • Orphanage
  • Rural Settlements
  • Health Fairs


mission trip

Safe and comfortable accommodations are important to us. 

Accommodations are in a gated community with 24 Hour security.  Team members share space in a 2 bedroom apartment.  Special accommodations may be requested at cost. 

Amenities include:

  • Full range kitchen
  • In room laundry facilities
  • Air condition
  • Wifi
  • Patio


safari, mission trip

After your time of service, you will be able to enjoy and explore South Africa for cultural and historical experience!  Three excursions are included.

  • Safari
  • Caves (Guided Tour)
  • City Tour 
  • Cultural Village
  • Orlando Towers/Bungee Jumping
  • Lion Park

Excursions are subject to change, based on availability and weather.


FAQ for mission trips

Frequently asked questions:

Q:What if I don't get chosen? 

A: You will be automatically placed on our wait-list for the next team member selection

Q: How long are the trips?

A: 12- 14 days, consider 24-48h travel time

Q: Will I perform invasive procedures?

A: No

Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Yes!


2020 Mission Trip Dates South Africa

March 1-11, 2020

March 8-18, 2020

March 15-25, 2020

September 20-30 2020

October 4-14, 2020

October 18-28, 2020

Mission Trip Registration Fee

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

One time, non refundable

Important Message

 While we thank all applicants for your interest in NWP medical missions, it is important to note that all applicants will not be guaranteed selection. Selection of candidates is commensurate with key qualifying criteria.