Medical Mission Team March 2020

March 1-11, 2020

Kezia Nixon, Clinical Director

Ayanna Toney, Team Supervisor 

Stacie Clemmons, Maryland

Michelle Brown-Evans, Michigan

Brittany Greaves, North Carolina

Armani Barnett, Michigan

Ayanna O'Connor, Florida

Aixa Garland, Virginia

Kylie Schneider, Michigan

*Brianna Phares, Virginia

*Joyce Blue, Mississippi

*Kimberly Lindsey 


March 8-18, 2020

 Elaine Alston, Director 

Crystle Rajania, California

Kelly Davis, North Carolina

Terri Payne-Cameron, Utah

Veli Mnikathi, Florida

Cathline Shilingford, Florida

Geraldine Carlton, North Carolina

Karyn Davis, North Carolina

Tanya Willis, California

*Sherry Brazier, New Hampshire 


March 15-25, 2020

La Shawna Tukes, Program Director

*Donna Perterson, Florida

Siobhan Simon-Clark, Virginia 

Chelsea Williams, Georgia

Tasjae Robinson, Georgia

Janayia McCorkle, North Carolina

Kelita Hartley, Mississippi

Sabrina Griffin, North Carolina

Brittany Watson, California

Briana Swift, Georgia

Raquel Mustaca, California

(*NWP Alumni)

Medical Mission Team September 2020

Septemeber 20-30, 2020

Shantice Berry

Melinda Bush

Jazmine Diggs

Bonnie Murk 

Ra-kiya Johnson

Tamara Elzie

Sindy Alcime

Ky'esha Noble

Missy Richardson

Medical Mission Team October 2020

October 4-14, 2020

Charne Rollins

Briauna Keller

Setedra Anderson

Michelle Robinson

Kim Strachan

Jennifer Saxton

Nalini Addie

Sharorie Evans

Ebony Lowery 

October 18-28, 2020

* Jessica Dansby

Joannie Almonte

Veronica Bernabe-Diaz

Erica Mills

Brittney Lemon

Ashley Miles

Quantre Morris

Brianne Alston

Adrienne Cox

Alexis Williams 

Jushunta Stevens

(*NWP Alumni)

About Michelle Banda @blackyogi_from_jozi

Company and Instructor Profile


My Name is Michelle Banda, founder of “Black Yogi In Jozi “a brand that came along after a trip I took to India and deciding that I wanted to study to become a Hatha Yoga teacher, I studied at the Isha Foundation in the South of India under the Guidance of Guru, Sadhguru and did over 1000 Hours of yoga training that happened over a period of 6 months, I have a diploma in Classical Hatha Yoga now. After qualifying and moving back to South Africa, my decisions to start teaching were influenced by The conditions in which we live in South Africa, mainly Johannesburg where everything is fast paced And there is the energy that gives a feeling of not being able to breath, with the hours we spend in the Office and how we would feel there is no time to go to the gym after work, feeling exhausted the usual Person just wants to go home thus promoting all sorts of habits of not exercising, eating out, and feeling drained after a long days work and repeating the same process again the next day, my other influences to teach have been the high rate in which our youth is prone to drinking, no exercise leading to obesity, sense of community living and volunteer work and giving back to our communities As best we can. As an instructor and understanding that disadvantaged communities don’t have disposable income to pay for yoga classes, I teach free classes in the communities and play games to give a sense of worth, working together and finding more ways to give back with the right tools. I am part of an NGO called “Centre of Happiness” and through the NGO we are involved in building Communities in different ways. We are a group of people who give their time to develop projects, Events, training for disadvantaged communities so this is where giving back to the community come in – this is my biggest passion. I have been privileged enough to work and teach in Switzerland, South Africa and in India, but my most memorable place to teach is in the South African Townships.