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Our South African Partners, Facts and Insights

National Anthem 

The History of the South African Flag

The revamp 

Clinic Experience


NWP is so honored to have Witkoppen Health and Welfare Clinic  partner with us!  

Each nurse will have an opportunity to shadow a staff nurse throughout the various areas of the clinic. Our teams gain insight on how culture and beliefs effect those seeking healthcare.  The role of the professional nurse is well respected from the public as the educator, informant and expert in the field. 

This video will shed light on the daily function of the clinic and where it all began.


Spotlight: Nkosis Haven


Nurses with Purpose is honored that our partners welcomes us in their home.  We believe in supporting them on a continual basis creating sustainable solutions and support.  Over the years we have grown to know the consistent staff that remains,  and we watch the children grow up before our eyes.  Building trust and a partnership is so important because we all have a common goal and that is to see these children through.  Every child deserves a fair opportunity to become future leaders in this world and it begins with nurturing and guiding them onto the pathways of success.  We would like to spotlight one in particular called, Nkosis Haven

I had the privilege to take a tour with a spunky and vibrant guide named, "Londie," who is one of the eldest orphans on the grounds of Nkosis Haven.  Londie came to the orphanage at the tender age of 8 years old.  Now studying for Matrics (finals as we call in the States), she is about to graduate from High School. This beautiful young lady has a future to look forward to because Nkosis Haven gave her an opportunity to get and education and provide her with the basic necessities.   

Londie gave me a tour through the bakery, store houses and the village where the kids played.   

Nkoski Haven houses orphans that have been given up by mothers who have HIV/ AIDS.  The mothers who face the tough decision to give their child to the orphanage usually do not have the resources to care for their sick child or themselves. 

This safe haven serves newborns until young adults. In some cases, mothers may be granted permission to live on the premises based on the discretion of the director. The mothers are empowered and shown that there is hope. They provide training along with resources in finding a job. The orphanage provides life skills, healthcare, and makes sure each child gets an education.  

Nkosis Haven was founded by Gail Johnson, a women who adopted, and raised a little boy named, Nkosis.  This extraordinary little fella lived with the disease at a vulnerable time in South Africa, in which thousands upon thousand of people were dying from Aids. He began to advocate for his peers.  He became the voice for children living with the disease and encouraged them to be strong.  With Nkosis being so young, he brought international attention which lead to multitudes of donations that poured into the country, one being a "Live Aid Concert" headlined by Sting, which raised over $100 Million in funding and research. 

Unfortunately, Nkosis succumbed to the deadly virus at the tender age of 12 before ART's were available. The Haven continues in his legacy which allows children to flourish and live prosperous lives despite the fact that they are living with HIV.   


The amazing taste of South Africa!

The Calibash

Prawns (Shrimp)

The Calibash


Deep earth tone colors surround these small bowls embellished in jems and arrayed with silver and gold undertones.  Food is a festive time and calibash can hold an assortment of soups, chilli peppers, prawns, rice, veggies, and more.      


Prawns (Shrimp)

The Calibash


Popular fried triangular shaped pastry with a light crispy outside and savory filling, such as minced meat, chicken, or shrimp mixed with spiced potatoes, cheeses, veggies and much more.  

Prawns (Shrimp)

Prawns (Shrimp)

Prawns (Shrimp)


Very Popular in South African cuisine, you will find prawns in many dishes.  Unlike shrimp, which are smaller, they will come headed unless you request otherwise. 

SA Style:

 Traditional African fashion is considered Haute Couture.  These one of a kind, custom pieces, which are always designed with intention, tells a story with memories attached as they are collected over the years.  Traditional African weddings, parties and events call for show stoppers; the best of the best! Fabrics of vibrant colors, seamless design, becomes a work of art.  Pieces defining the curves and the shape of the woman, makes like a painted- on masterpiece. Pride and culture defines African fashion and it stays true to its roots. 

After our week of service, NWP celebrates in a traditional African themed meal.  We have a traditional communal dinner which is shared among the group,  in one of the most beautiful restaurants in town.  All team members have an opportunity to shine, stepping out in your most expression-able African attire.    

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Collecting Goods

Collecting Goods


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Collecting Goods


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Needed Supplies: Orphanage

Needed Supplies: Orphanage


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Needed Supplies: Orphanage

Needed Supplies: Orphanage


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