Collecting Goods

Collecting a variety of goods may seem overwhelming and yes, it can be.  Keep in mind you do not have to provide every item.  We as a group will have so much collectively, you will be surprised.  Pick an area of focus for your collections such as, toiletries or just collecting toys. 

There is always a need for general medical supplies, such as items for wounds and first aid.  We will discuss the supply list at length on our conference calls.   

What to Pack

Packing List

2-3 Navy Blue Scrubs

2-3 Long sleeve shirts

Jackets/Windbreaker/Rain wear 



One of the following: Satchel/Sling bag/Backpack/Fanny Pack

Bag for lunch, water bottle, coffee or tea mug  

Welcome to South Africa Dinner Outfit 

Celebration Dinner Outfit (African Themed, you may purchase from Market Place in SA)

Safari Day Outfit (Layers, it gets cold when the sun sets)

City Tour Outfit (Layers, we are outside)

Bathing Suit*(weather permitting) 

Gym clothes for those who elect to work out

Comfortable Tennis Shoes

Flip Flops/Shower Shoes

Rain Boots * PLASTIC SHOE COVERS (Amazon for around $12) 

*WASH CLOTHS, Hotel only provides bath towels




Insect repellent

Ear Plugs (Optional) 

Neck Pillow 

Compression Socks (Optional)

Washing Detergent 

Universal Charger (DON’T FORGET THIS!!) SA Outlets are very different than the US

The plane does not support Iphone plugs for watching movies, BUT the plane does have Iphone charger under your seat. 


Please limit your bags, 1-2 large suitcases may be checked in. We suggest one bag to be you’re your personal items and the other for supplies and donations. South African cars are generally small and limited on cargo space. 


SA weather is very fickle. It can change drastically such as being hot to cooling down very quickly. It is best to have a variety of clothing and layer. Thunderstorms/Rain showers are normally quick and in the afternoon.  

March Weather:

It will be going into the fall 

Warm during the day, chilly at night

Mid 70’s - mid 80’s 

Rainy season 

October Weather:

It will be going into the spring

Hot during the day, mild at night. 

High 70’s - High 80’s 

If you forget any items…Don’t worry there is a store where you may purchase

Donations: Orphanage

· Toothbrush/paste

· Hair comb/brush/Hair accessories

· Nail clippers/files/Nail Polish

· Toiletries/Lotion, Deodorant 

· Feminine products (pads/tampons) 

· Undergarments

· Socks, hats

· Earrings

· Toys

· Candy

· Coloring books, crayons, pencils, paper (school supplies)

. Paperback books 

. Ear buds

Donations: Clinic

· BP Cuffs

· Thermometers

· Pulse Ox

· small cups (Dixie cup size for UA C&S) 

· Ibuprofen

· Tylenol/Any OTC

.  Allergy/Antihistamines

· Chucks/Bed pads

· Band Aids all sizes

· Saline (vials, small sizes)

· Alcohol pads

· Cotton balls, Curettes

· Cotton Tip Applicator

· Packets of ABT ointment, Bacitracin, TAO, petroleum jelly, Lubricating jelly

· Gauze

· Kling wrap

· Iodine

· Tape

· Any and all kind of dressing supplies (wounds)

· Gloves

· Paper measuring tape 

· Scrubs (for the staff, navy blue)

· PPE, face shield, show covers, gowns ect

· Toothbrush/Toothpaste

Medicals Supplies for YOU:

 · Gloves

· N95 Mask

· Gown

· Shoe covers/Booties

. Face Shield 

. Fist aid Kit, Anti-diarrheal's, anti-histamine, sleep aids, throat lozenges, pepto-bismol, pain meds, 

  moisturizing nasal spray, ect

We will discuss the supply list at length on our conference calls. 

Posting on Social Media

Safety, security, respect and dignity

We love when you post about your experience during your time with us but we want you to consider a few things prior to your post.   

  • Do not post your specific location. ie. ok to say city but not specific name of establishment.
  • Be careful with real time posting. Wait until you have left the vicinity.
  • Verbal consent before taking a picture with the locals and their children
  • Never display deplorable sites or situations such as someone suffering.
  • Always think of the image and integrity of NWP and yourself.  This is humanitarian work and not exploitation of those in need. 


Tips for Travel: Pre-Board, Safety and Security

*Keep your passport and ID with you at all times

*Make copies of your passport, ID, and credit card Information, (front and Back) and leave a copy at home 

*Email yourself a copy of the above mentioned items

*Prescription medications needs to be clearly labeled and in its original container

*Suggest packing any valuables such as jewelry, money, documents in your carry-on luggage

* Avoid tap water, fountain drinks, ice cubes , eating dairy and street food vendors.

*English is the official Language 

* As of June 23, 2019 the currency rate is $1.00= R 14.33 South African Rand

*Credit/Debit Cards may be used at establishments but it is recommended that you use cash when in the market place, and in select local stores

*Request South African currency through your bank at least 3 weeks prior to departure

*Keep your phone securely away from plain site. Back pockets are a NO NO!!

* Always have someone with you when using the ATM. 

*Compression Stockings: Suggest to wear to prevent DVT, swelling in legs, leg fatigue and   

   varicose veins,  due to  prolonged inactivity from long flights

*Exercise on the plane: Foot pedals and pumps, stand and stretch  

*Hydrate: Begin months prior to departure to have it in your system.   


Learn More

We monitor news and consular messages.  We empower you to do the same. To view the most current travel advisories issued by the US Department of State-Bureau of Consular Affairs