The Emily Ndaba Foundation Nursing Student Sponsorship

Nursing Students

Nurses with Purpose offers sponsorship to a deserving nursing student to attend a medical mission trip.

Our desire is for nursing students to be exposed to healthcare abroad and think globally.  As a nursing student develops clinical judgement and skill, we want them to know humanitarian services are also an important part of their career. 

Qualify by the following: 

1. Be enrolled in a undergraduate nursing program and/or LPN to RN Bridge program

2. Completion of Fundamentals / Clinical rotation
3. Fill out the mission trip application *APPLICATION FEE IS WAIVED FOR STUDENTS

4. Nomination letter from a employer, mentor, or educator 

You will be notified once your application is received. Upon acceptance, you will receive a request to schedule an interview.      

CLOSED-- Accepting Applications August 10- August 30, 2019

Volunteer nurses have a special calling to promote health and healing to those that may not have easy access to healthcare.  Whether local, or international, volunteer nurses travel to areas where urgent care needs may arise or continual healthcare is needed. Typically, access to clinical facilities are limited to those seeking help. We advocate for the ones suffering, their families, and communities alike. We not only use our clinical judgment but we infuse them with belief, hope and prayer.  We do not discriminate against any group or religion but come wholeheartedly for those in need.